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Our environment

We recognise that our business practices have direct and indirect consequences on our environment and we are committed to minimising these impacts.

We are actively taking steps to look at new ways to help reduce our firm's carbon footprint as we seek to use all of our resources efficiently and without unnecessary waste.

Our offices are fully compliant with environmental legislation and design and feature energy saving lighting, air conditioning and heating, and recycling points throughout the offices.

Because of our working relationships and our understanding of the challenges that both traditional and renewable energy companies are tackling, we are acutely aware of the local and global issues we all face in business, and as individuals, to work, live and move through a more sustainable, low carbon society in the days, months and years ahead.

We have set ourselves the following firm-wide objectives:

  • To comply with all relevant environmental legislation.
  • To share our environmental law knowledge and practices with our clients, suppliers and intermediaries.
  • To give due consideration to the environmental impacts of the resources, materials, equipment and travel we buy and, where appropriate, to adopt a sustainable procurement policy.
  • To ensure that all of our people integrate environmental considerations within their daily business practices, including their journeys to and from their place of work.
  • To promote the re-use of materials, use of recycled materials - especially paper - and to encourage the recycling of our waste.
  • To preserve and conserve energy through efficient use and practices.
  • To establish and monitor key environmental performance indicators, firm-wide and business unit action plans and realistic improvement targets.