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Charity administration service

We understand that in both the set up and governing of a charity, there can be a substantial administrative burden. We can take on these duties in a number of ways to allow you to concentrate on providing public benefit through the charity.

We’ll provide as much or little support as you want or need and can manage the following for you:

  • Act as your registered office
  • Provide routine contact with trustees, beneficiaries and professional intermediaries such as investment managers, property managers, banks and other third parties
  • Organise trustee meetings, prepare relevant minutes and keep accurate records of decisions made
  • Provide you with a venue and/or secretary for meetings
  • Prepare accounts and trustee report in line with current accounting standards and recommended practice
  • Arrange the audit and independent examination of accounts
  • Handle grant applications and filter them as required including carrying out due diligence on beneficiaries to comply with common reporting standards
  • Prepare gift aid claims from HMRC
  • Deal with regulatory and compliance reporting
  • Advise on and prepare governance policies and risk assessments
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