Residential property

Information technology

The production of bespoke software can be a challenge for both supplier and customer.

It’s our job to know the expectations of both parties, to analyse where the risks lie and to think beyond the obvious. Large projects can often lead to the creation of software which is applicable to multiple problems in different sectors. We can help you in preserving ownership of intellectual property rights and in the freedom to exploit code wherever possible.

Software Licences

Models for the exploitation of software have changed significantly in recent years with the spread of software-as-a-service. We can help in the drafting of customer agreements for suppliers of software in a wide range of sectors, advising both start up and established companies.

Data Protection

Almost all businesses keep computer records relating to people, such as employee records or customer lists. As personal information has become an increasingly important commercial commodity, data protection laws have been tightened to protect people from unfair use of their information. Fines for losing this data or for allowing unauthorised access to it can now be hundreds of thousands of pounds. We provide clear analysis of the risks you face as well as advice on how best to protect yourself.


The internet is a great marketing tool for selling your products and services. Many businesses now use the internet either as a supplementary way of providing their services or as their primary way of selling. If you need support in preparing and reviewing bespoke contracts, website terms or items such as privacy policies for your website, we can help.

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