Residential property


We’ll provide guidance on planning and environmental matters and offer you a single point of contact throughout.

Whether you’re a planning authority or a developer we provide clear and focussed advice helping ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.

We’re committed to avoiding appeals and court whenever possible. For cases where an appeal or court involvement is necessary, we don’t hand our cases over to a different department, instead we work together to offer you continuity of care.

As well as adding non-court related work to our expertise, we’ve also acted in some of the most significant judicial reviews relating to planning and environmental matters with successes in the Court of Session and Supreme Court.

If you’re a developer or have an objection to a planning application we can get to the heart of the issues likely to arise quickly and efficiently.

Wildlife Crime

We provide advice in relation to alleged environmental and wildlife crimes and associated regulatory compliance matters.

Some of which include:

  • Contaminated land
  • Waste management
  • Planning enforcement
  • Pollution
  • Statutory nuisance
  • Common law nuisance
  • Offences under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

We also deal with cross compliance issues related to the Basic Payment Scheme, and similar schemes.

Many of these areas of law derive from European Law and have become very complex, a trend that is likely to continue as the UK negotiates its exit from the European Union. The potential financial impact of non-compliance, together with the reputational risk, can be huge - especially for small businesses. We offer straightforward and practical advice to help minimise risk. Where issues arise, we can help you deal with the legal consequences, including the immediate response and recovery phases together with supporting you in investigations by statutory authorities.

While we’re committed to avoiding appeals and court whenever possible, we don’t shy away from taking action to defend your rights. Where necessary we draw on the strengths of our firm, including rural or commercial property, to ensure that every aspect of the issue is considered.

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