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Energy - all sources

We support, developers, utilities, landowners, communities and funders with pragmatic and innovative commercial advice relating to energy projects and developments from conventional to the latest renewables.

We understand the specific complexities of energy projects (onshore and offshore), ensuring that the right people with the expertise from across our teams deliver a bespoke service designed to meet your needs.

Our advice and services include:

  • Grid Connection & support mechanisms
  • Planning and environment including habitat management plans.
  • Land Options and Leases.
  • Land tenure, voluntary registration and right to buy issues
  • Restoration bonds, step in agreements and other forms of security
  • UK wide advice including Scottish and English law
  • Portfolio acquisition, M&A and repowering projects
  • Corporate structures for the project.
  • Commercial contracts, including PPAs, construction and engineering documentation
  • Banking & finance - both recourse and non recourse funding
  • Dispute Resolution and Judicial Review
  • Virtual data rooms and due diligence
  • Regulatory advice and consultation submissions

Renewables (Onshore, Islands & Offshore)

Our cross-disciplinary team has an excellent track record on a wide range of renewables projects in Scotland and England including:

  • Onshore, island & offshore wind
  • Hydro
  • Biomass
  • Marine
  • Geothermal
  • CHP
  • AD
  • Solar/PV

We advise on all aspects of renewable projects and can assist with ensuring projects are bankable. We provide project leadership and coordination of the mix of required skills including advising on stakeholder as well as commercial aspects. In particular our firm carries crofting and rural tenure expertise including advising on resumptions and s.19A schemes.

Guiding you through each stage of the project, from concept to development and on to commissioning, we ensure that the regulatory, legal and planning complexities are successfully navigated.

For more information on renewables and how we can help, please contact us.

Oil & Gas (Onshore & Offshore)

If you’re looking for advice on OGA (Oil & Gas Authority) consultations, key contracts under LOGIC precedents or areas such as decommissioning, consultancy and supply contracts, we can help. We specialise in offshore projects, including renewables, steel supply contracts, and marine environmental assessment.

We’re constantly monitoring developments in onshore oil and gas including fracking, onshore pipeline and high pressure gas regulations and are ready to advise landowners and developers.

Whether for import/export and/or for Operations & Maintenance purposes, we advise on harbours, piers and shore base projects and regulations.

Planning & Environment

Planning regulations affect all aspects of an energy project whether under Town & Country Planning Law or the Energy Act s.36 and s.37 consents process.

Environmental law and regulations affect both onshore contaminated land and offshore marine habitat assessments in turn affecting licensing and planning applications. We’ve represented major clients in Judicial Review cases in these areas up to and including the UK Supreme Court.

Whether you’re an industrial user, strategic land developer, renewable developer, brownfield investor or infrastructure provider, we can advise on all aspects of the planning and environment regime as it applies to your projects. We’ve successfully helped with a large number of deals involving contaminated land, its remediation, sale and lease, and fit for purpose outcomes.

Regulatory Regimes and Support Mechanisms

Regulatory advice includes:

  • Energy, Water & Waste regimes including generation, supply and connection
  • Renewable support mechanisms e.g. CFDs, (S)ROCs, REGOs & FITs
  • Electricity regime e.g. CUSC/BETTA, Licensing and connections policies
  • Advice on proposed and existing regulatory impact and interpretation.
  • Interpretation and enforcement of energy statutes, licences and industry codes
  • Regulatory issues arising from mergers and acquisitions
  • Water Framework Directive national implementation - CAR licensing
  • Environmental regulations affecting land & development
  • Ports and harbours

Our in-depth understanding of the commercial and technical aspects of the energy sector enables us to ensure transactions, regulatory proceedings and disputes are successfully concluded.

Working with appropriate consultants and engineers, we can help you stay ahead by advising on potential regulatory changes allowing you to position your business and take advantage of the new opportunities whilst developing strategies to mitigate regulatory risks.

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