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Energy - low carbon, heat & transport

Carbon reduction commitments and other impacts on public and private organisations will affect all of us, requiring 'compliance' and 'smart' operational planning advice.

There are rewards in getting this right - for customer buy in; operational savings; green credits and CSR. We provide advice on regulatory consultations and interpretation of low carbon regimes and policies such as the Scottish Energy Strategy.

If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact us.

District Heating

We work with landowners, developers and housebuilders on the initial feasibility of district heating schemes (including links to data centre heat exchange), through the planning consent roadmap and right through to the operational and maintenance phase.

We understand the aspirations of energy service companies (ESCOs) including in relation to alleviating fuel poverty and the setting up of an ESCO and the associated regulatory regime. We’ve also worked with industry sector groups on building regulations and the retro-fitting issues related to larger refurbishments.


We can provide advice and support on the facilitation and roll out of hydrogen and electric vehicle (EV) refuelling stations and charging points, including ‘back to base’ vehicles. We’ve also been active participants in the Energy Strategy consultation paper and will continue to contribute to the discussion on Air Quality plans and Low Carbon (LC) Electric Vehicle (EV) and Ultra Low Emission (ULE) vehicles.

New Technologies & Carbon Capture

Marine, Tidal and other Low Carbon developments are just a few of the areas we can assist you with. We’ve worked closely with supply chain participants in relation to the provision of raw materials and components for new and emerging technologies. We advised on the first UK Carbon Capture and Storage competition in relation to a 400MW coal fired power station in Northumbria.

We maintain a watching brief on UK and US developments in technology and the varying requirements of these regimes, making sure that you benefit from our up to date knowledge and expertise.

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