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Infrastructure - storage, utilities & infrastructure projects

We see infrastructure projects as key to growth in the Scottish and UK economies, including innovation in the development of electricity and energy storage and smart grids for local and national infrastructure.

In representing utilities, communities and landowners we’ve a strong understanding of all stakeholder interests as well as the need to address all aspects of a project from its pre-feasibility stage through to commissioning.

We’ve an excellent track record of delivering stand alone and complex projects in a highly responsive and efficient way, working with client teams and sector interests, co-ordinating multi skills all under one roof and coordinated through a primary contact.

The expertise available to our projects team and its leaders assists clients, project planning and co-ordination in areas as diverse as planning and environment through to rural tenure issues and the related corporate contract and due diligence issues.


We’re worked in all areas of storage developments, from securing land via options and leases to the establishment of smart and local grids, demand side response regulation and exploring opportunities with landowners and developers around active network management.

Utilising storage with mixed source renewables and local grid balancing of supply and demand is recognised as one way to resolve a number of remote island and rural issues.  We can provide advice as well as discuss key opportunities with you.

Smart and Local Grids

Landowners and developers look to us for support in setting up local electricity and gas networks.  We constantly keep abreast of the developing policies on local and smart grids and understand the need for developers to establish the wider story, helping link energy to development and job or community growth.

Utilities and Infrastructure

We can advise on a wide range of developments (large or small) relating to land tenure, infrastructure and planning as well as electricity and gas connections for business and developers. We act for one of the ‘big 6’ utility companies and have experience in Scotland and England and in cross border and local projects.

We provide planning, property and infrastructure advice pertinent to your needs from the utility, landowner and developer aspects.

Rural and Community Projects

Many Infrastructure and energy projects involve rural land and related tenure or community issues. We’re one of Scotland’s pre-eminent crofting and agricultural expert firms and have acted as external legal advisors to the Crofting Commission. We have a reputation for finding sustainable cost and time efficient ways of developing on croft and rural land whether from a renewable or general commercial development perspective, while balancing this with crofting and community interests.

Island communities have come to us for advice relating to buy outs from landowners and we’ve advised in major land energy and mixed use developments in crofting and rural tenure areas.
Our team have been involved in preparing a ‘Scheme for Development’ affecting over 300 crofting interests, with a view to enabling a large wind farm proposed which, if approved by the Land Court, will result in limited suppression of crofting rights within an approved fair compensation scheme.

We regularly brief and advise project clients on the various Community and Agricultural Rights to Buy whether pre-emptive or absolute as they evolve under Scottish Government legislation. We have experience of identifying such interests in advance in order to seek wider stakeholder agreement at the early stages of a project.

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