Residential property

Caring for the elderly

We understand the challenges faced by the elderly or vulnerable as well as those faced by their families in supporting them.

By combining our expertise with a human approach, we can help you to navigate through the legal and care issues while allowing you to concentrate on more important matters.

Our specialist team includes:

  • An Accredited Specialist with Law Society of Scotland in Incapacity Law
  • Three Fully Accredited Members of Solicitors for the Elderly including a published Author of the legal text book on the subject ‘The Elder Client: A Practical Guide’ (Second Edition)

Help for you

Be it planning for care fees, options regarding care at home or residential care - we can help.

We have a strong understanding of the complex rules surrounding paying for care (both at home and residential care) and the desire to balance between preserving assets for the next generation, receiving high quality care and importantly, having choice.

Acting as an Attorney

We provide advice to Attorneys to help guide them through their legal obligations and the practical aspects of dealing with someone else’s affairs (such as accessing bank accounts or paying for care). Whether you’re looking for advice to assist someone to live independently and stay at home as long as possible or to help facilitate their move into care, we can help.

If you don’t have anyone that you’d like to act as your Attorney, we can fill that role. We act as financial Attorneys for many clients and help to manage their finances and property. Sometimes this is because the person can no longer understand or deal with things on their own but often it might just be to take some of the stress away from everyday life.

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