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Zoe Inkster

Before starting my traineeship with Gillespie Macandrew, I’d already been assigned my first seat. Finding out that I was going to be in the Residential Property department was both exciting and daunting. The Residential team are based in the Morningside branch, and I would be the only trainee away from the firm’s head office in Atholl Crescent. Would I manage to find time to socialise with the other trainees?

Finding out that the first year trainees were to provide the entertainment at the Christmas party gave us a great excuse to meet outside of office hours. Trainees from previous years had taken part in talent shows and organised quizzes and we were assured that the calibre of the entertainment needed to be high. After playing around with a number of ideas, we decided on a Gillespie Macandrew Nativity Play, stopping not at three Inns, but rather at Residential, Commercial and finally Rural. This gave us the opportunity to bring in some partners from these departments into the play for cameo roles, and to add in some tongue-in-cheek humour to the nativity. After an initial technical glitch, the Nativity was well received at the Christmas party, although I don’t think my performance as Mary will win an Oscar any time soon.

Everyone at Hunters in Morningside was very welcoming from day one and made a real effort to make me feel part of the team. My mentor was very supportive and answered all of my questions. The residential team were always on hand to help, even on busy settlement days.

The work in the Residential department was very interesting and fast paced. There was lots of client contact from the very beginning, and helped to build my confidence in client communications from my very first day. It became apparent quickly that for clients in Residential, moving or buying a new home was often the most important and stressful thing that they would do in their life. It was therefore important to ensure that the transaction was as stress free as possible for the clients. Working in residential gave me the opportunity to see transactions from start to end, and to appreciate what would need to be done in both a sale and a purchase. I was quickly given my own caseload, and managing my own sales and purchases. This was a fantastic opportunity and great experience in my first seat for the future.

During my time in Residential, I also had the opportunity to attend a property auction. Having helped with sales and purchases of property bought at auction, this was a great opportunity to learn how an auction works on the night, rather than just looking at the transaction behind it. This was a very interesting experience, and something completely different from my day-to-day work.

My six months in Residential very quickly came to an end, and I was sad to leave my colleagues in Morningside. My next seat would be Land and Rural Business (LRB) in Atholl Crescent.

Starting my first day in LRB was like starting the traineeship all over again, a new office with new people. However, any nerves or worries I had quickly disappeared as my new team instantly made me feel at home. I am now in my fifth week in LRB, and have already had my first social event with the team. The work I have encountered in LRB has been broadly similar to Residential, and many of the skills I had gained in Residential have already been put to the test.

I’m looking forward to finding out the many different aspects of the work involved in LRB. If the first six months are anything to go by, then the next year and a half of my traineeship will be interesting, welcoming and very, very quick.

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