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11 Jun 2019 News

What you need to know about Relinquishment

Lawyers in our Perth office have been running a series of seminars for land agents, aimed at providing legal advice on issues facing landowners and their managers. 

Following on from last year, we are back at ‘Antlerhill Estate’ for a series of seminars which aim to cover a variety of different scenarios involving our made up farming family –The Crawleys.

This year we have introduced some new characters to the series, some of whom are seemingly up to no good, which we are sure will have its fair share of legal consequences for our family.

This year’s series focuses on what our role is as professional advisers and how we might increase our collaboration with other professional advisers for the benefit of our clients.

The first seminar of the series was entitled ‘Relinquishment: What you need to know’, and was given by Jennifer Munro, an Associate in the Land and Rural Business team in our Perth Office. It was a well-attended event with members from the top land agents firms in Scotland.

The seminar covered the relinquishment rules that have been introduced by the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016. For those who are unaware of these rules, they aim to enable a secure tenant to relinquish his/her tenancy on payment by the landlord of compensation based on the value of the tenancy. The hope is that this, in turn, will free up land and tenanting opportunities to new entrants in farming however, these rules have yet to be brought into force.

By relating these questions of relinquishment to what it means for our family at Antlerhill, the seminar was on the whole very relatable, and gave rise to a great discussion among all attendees. 

At the end of the seminar, the attendees were provided with two scenarios in relation to the next seminar (The Changing Legal Landscape for Agricultural Tenancies), and were able to vote on which scenario they would most like to hear about. It was a landslide victory this week for the scenario involving whether Antlerhill Estate can prevent its new tenant from exercising his right to buy.

We are all very eager to hear the outcome!

For more information about the series and our legal advice for estates, land owners and managers, get in touch with our team in Perth.

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