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Changes in law for Trusters to be aware of in 2024

Trusts & Succession Act: what are the changes for Trusters to be aware of before they become law in 2024.

Love is a Co-Purchase Agreement

Rachael Burke discusses why it is a good idea for any couple to consider a co-purchase agreement before buying a property.

Insolvency: Administration and its impact on employees

Fraser Vandal discusses the impact of Administration on Employment contracts, redundancies and considerations if the business was to be purchased.


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05 January 2024 | Time to read: 8 mins

The aim of the game is to win…. Or is it? Mediation in football

By Alex Robertson

Alex Robertson analyses the current approach to resolving disputes in football and the benefits of adopting mediation in sport.

29 June 2023 | Time to read: 7 mins

Accounting for suspicion – Challenging an executor and the challenges of being an executor

By Conner McConnell

In progressing an executry, it is not uncommon for conflict to arise between executor and beneficiary, but what remedies are available?

28 June 2022 | Time to read: 5 mins

How long do I have to raise legal proceedings?

By Conner McConnell

If you suspect that you have suffered loss as a result of breach, is to take legal advice at the first opportunity.

31 January 2022 | Time to read: 1 min

Update: Short-term lets legislation passed by Scottish Parliament

By Alex Robertson

Short-term lets legislation passed by Scottish Parliament.

13 December 2019 | Time to read: 4 mins

Family law implications of building ‘Grand Designs’ on legacy land

By Melissa Strachan

Self-building gives you the opportunity to design a one-off family home that ticks all the boxes: design, living requirements and, most importantly, location.


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Lawyers in Edinburgh
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