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Planning for Afforestation

Planning for Afforestation

Safe as Houses

With strong commercial reasons for doing so, many land and property owners have diversified into holiday letting to benefit from this captive market. 

Employment Law – three things to note

Employment Law - three things to note

Ashley McCann

Associate, Family Law

Originally trained as a dispute resolution lawyer, Ashley brings experience of a wide range of legal issues into the family law sphere, where she specialises in financial claims following separation, disputes about children, child support and legal issues affecting same sex couples. She is also regularly instructed to advise on pre-nuptial, post-nuptial and cohabitation agreements by professionals, business owners, farmers, land and estate owners.

Ashley often advises individuals with complicated affairs and recognises that family law does not exist in a vacuum. She enjoys working closely with colleagues in our tax, corporate, land and rural business teams to optimise outcomes for her clients and promote “big picture” thinking during negotiations.

Ashley has a particular interest in cases with an international element and has published a Checklist of jurisdiction rules for family actions (Scotland) in conjunction with Practical Law . This resource provides a quick reference guide to the jurisdiction rules for each type of family action in the Scottish courts. It highlights the current jurisdiction rules following the UK’s departure from the EU. Furthermore the checklist highlights how jurisdiction is determined if there is an international element that could create a jurisdiction conflict.

Ashley is a Trustee of Home-Start Glasgow South and Co-Chair of the Young Mediators’ Group.



Ashley McCann

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Recent News & Insights by Ashley

19 July 2022 | Time to read: 5 mins

Interim aliment: barred by agreement?

By Ashley McCann

Excluding claims for aliment by agreement? Here we discuss the the case of R v K (EDI-F205-21) and the motion...

01 February 2022 | Time to read: 1 min

Divorce – What counts as “unreasonable behaviour”?

By Ashley McCann

Most people know that it is possible to divorce a spouse on the ground of their “unreasonable behaviour”.

01 February 2022 | Time to read: 2 mins

Can I get divorced before a year?

By Ashley McCann

In Scotland the vast majority (over 90%) of divorce applications are made on the basis that the couple have been...

15 November 2021 | Time to read: 4 mins

The Language of Family Law

By Ashley McCann

The Family Law Language Project launched with the aim of helping to improve the understanding and use of language where...

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