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I am a trustee of a charity which has been on the go for some time now. Is there anything that I should be considering or any changes in the law that I should be aware of?

Despite the economic pressures, and very possibly because of them, charities have continued over the past years to do some ground-breaking and invaluable work for a number of good causes.

I understand most people are selling before they buy - is that still the best tactic?

It is probably the safest tactic at present, however, the dramatic improvement in the residential property market...

Help! Aunt Maggie has asked me to be her attorney. What do I need to know?

In Scotland now, many people are granting Continuing and Welfare Powers of Attorney in favour of people whom they trust in order to allow their financial and welfare interests to be looked after, should they lose capacity...

Power of Attorney & Guardianships

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