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Licensing of short-term lets in Scotland

With short term lets in Scotland now subject to a licencing scheme, we highlight the requirements and important considerations for future and current hosts.

Museum Accreditation Scheme

Acquiring accreditation from the Museums Galleries Scotland provides huge benefits. Here we provide an overview of the criteria required for your application.


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If you die without a Will in place, it is important to understand the implications and key is that the law will decide who should receive your assets.  You should therefore get the right advice when preparing this document – we can help.

Disputes around Wills and distributing the estate of a loved one are common and we can support you through what is often a stressful time.  Find out more about how we can help if you are involved in a dispute over a Will, by clicking here.

Preparing a Will

Preparing your Will may feel like a daunting and often emotional prospect, but we can guide you through the process and support you in your decision making to ensure that your wishes are followed when you are no longer around.


Key benefits of preparing a Will

You can:

  • protect young or vulnerable beneficiaries
  • appoint guardians to look after your children under 16
  • protect a family business
  • protect assets from care home fees if the survivor requires care
  • secure assets for the next generation
  • deal with complicated family matters
  • minimise potential Inheritance Tax liabilities

We can also provide guidance around second marriages and modern family structures as well as specialist expertise to those with rural businesses e.g. farms who may have broader considerations around succession and the continuation of the family business. We can also advise on how and when to update your existing Will.

What rights do family members and cohabitants have?

Here in Scotland, your spouse or children have automatic rights to inherit from you, even with a valid Will in place stating otherwise.  Spouses/civil partners, children and their descendants have “Legal Rights” to make a claim on your “moveable” estate. This includes things like money, shares, vehicles, jewellery etc but normally excludes land and buildings. This is very different from the position in England.

Legal Rights don’t include cohabitants (couples living together but who aren’t legally married or in a Civil Partnership) as they have limited rights to claim on a deceased partner’s estate.

However, the process of dealing with “Legal Rights” need not be complicated and we can guide you through your options and the executry process.

News and insights

The importance of choosing wisely when appointing your executors

Selecting an executor is a key part of organising your legal affairs and Conner McConnell discusses the importance of choosing wisely.

What is holding you back from preparing your Will?

Having a Will in place provides peace of mind that your wishes are followed when you are no longer around, so why do we hold back from preparing a Will?

Christmas can be a good time to discuss a Will with your family

Having discussion around Wills with family and loved ones during the festive period may not be at the forefront of your mind

Family Matters – Legal Considerations for Parents and Carers

Becoming a parent can also be all consuming, but there are a number of legal matters you should

This’ll be the year …

How’s your ‘to-do’ list? Did you make any resolutions at New Year? Or have the last couple of years taught you not to get too carried away making plans?

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We understand that your circumstances maybe complex and sensitive and you may feel apprehensive about speaking to a lawyer – we can help.  Our experienced team can guide you through the process of creating or updating your Will and provide reassurance and support in planning for the unexpected.  Get in touch with one our team to find out how we can help you.

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