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Considerations around the Energy Performance Certificate and agricultural tenancies

The current Energy Performance Certificate (“EPC”) requirements are set out in regulations from 2008, and provide information on how energy efficient a building

Gillespie Macandrew supports Figures of Speech event as part of Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022

Leading Scottish law firm, Gillespie Macandrew announces its support for a literary event celebrating friendship as part of Scotland’s Year of Stories.

Charities: Top 5 tips for your articles

Our top 5 tips on what a charity should be considering for its articles.


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16 May 2022 | Time to read: 4 mins

Family Matters – Legal Considerations for Parents and Carers

By Eilidh Adams

Becoming a parent can also be all consuming, but there are a number of legal matters you should

28 January 2022 | Time to read: 4 mins

This’ll be the year …

By Donald Winskill

How’s your ‘to-do’ list? Did you make any resolutions at New Year? Or have the last couple of years taught...

13 December 2021 | Time to read: 2 mins

Modern Families: The Importance of Making a Will

By Doran Mitchell

If you have children from a previous marriage and have entered into a new relationship, you should make a Will.

Tags: Wills

28 September 2021 | Time to read: 1 min

Podcast: Have you thought about what will happen to your digital assets on death?

By Gillian Hyams

Forgetting to consider what happens to your digital assets on death could result in your loved ones losing out on...

Tags: Wills

02 August 2021 | Time to read: 7 mins

Protect your loved ones from the stress of dealing with your digital assets on death

By Gillian Hyams

With so much of our important information online, have you thought about what will happen to your digital assets on...

Tags: Wills

21 May 2021 | Time to read: 6 mins

The Core Challenge

By Sarah-Jane Macdonald

Sarah-Jane Macdonald discusses what one change would make a real difference and increase the use of mediation.

Tags: Wills

31 March 2021 | Time to read: 4 mins

Handwritten Wills

By Lindsay Bryce MacKay

Tempting as it may be to try and save on time and expense by preparing a homemade Will, this can...

Tags: Wills

01 March 2021 | Time to read: 4 mins

Organ donation – the law is changing

By Sarah-Jane Macdonald

Organ donation – the law is changing and as of 26 March 2021, in Scotland we’re moving to a new...

Tags: Wills

18 January 2021 | Time to read: 3 mins

10 Reasons For Having A Will

By Agnes Mallon

Here are 10 reasons why you should have a Will.

Tags: Wills

15 May 2020 | Time to read: 4 mins

How best to protect those closest to you

By Agnes Mallon

It is important to take the time to stop and think about what would happen if you were ill.

Tags: Wills

26 November 2019 | Time to read: 2 mins

Safeguard your rural family business

By Lindsay Bryce MacKay

Many potential issues might be avoided if a Will is put in place.

07 June 2019 | Time to read: 3 mins

Who will look after my children if I die?

By Ashley McCann

All parents should think about is the arrangements for their child (or children) if something was to happen to them.


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