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Complaints Procedure

We aim to deliver complete client satisfaction in the provision of our services. However if you are not satisfied with our service you should follow this procedure which seeks to resolve any issues that may arise in an appropriate and fair manner based on the recommendations of The Law Society of Scotland.


Responsibility of client relations partner

In accordance with The Law Society of Scotland Rules each firm must have a client relations manager and the partner currently holding that position here is Ian Turnbull (we designate the role as the Client Relations Partner). The Client Relations Partner (CRP) is responsible for ensuring the implementation of this procedure and reports directly to the Board of Gillespie Macandrew LLP.


Who may complain

Any client may raise a complaint under this procedure. It should also be used by any other person who considers that they may be affected by the services provided by this firm or in respect of the conduct of any partner or other person employed by Gillespie Macandrew.


How to make a complaint

If you are a client, your letter of engagement with the firm will have set out who is your client care partner (CCP). You should contact the CCP and let him/her know what your concern is. You can do this by e-mail, letter or by phone or you can leave a message and ask the CCP to contact you.

The CCP should normally acknowledge your contact within 48 hours and will endeavour to resolve your issue with you, informally, within 5 working days.

If this is not possible or you remain dissatisfied, you should contact the Client Relations Partner (CRP) You can do this by e-mail, letter or by phone or you can leave a message and ask the CRP to contact you.



On receipt of a complaint the Client Relations Partner will deal with the matter as follows:-

  • Acknowledgement - within two working days a formal acknowledgement will be issued to you with a copy of the Complaints Procedure.


  • Informal resolution - the Client Relations Partner may request that the Client Care Partner endeavour to resolve a matter by informal discussion if not already done under paragraph 4.


  • Investigation - the Client Relations Partner will investigate the matter and seek suitable reports and explanations from any persons involved including you as complainer.


  • Information - you will be informed of the outcome of the investigations.


  • Resolution - following on investigation the Client Relations Partner will try to resolve the complaint. This will be done by appropriate discussion with you with a view to obtaining an outcome that is satisfactory to you and the firm. To assist you will be offered the opportunity of discussion at a face to face meeting at our offices or by telephone.


  •  Timescales - the Client Relations Partner will endeavour to have fully responded to you within 20 working days. If that is not practical, the reasons will be given to you together with a revised timescale for response.


Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC)

We hope that any issues will be resolved through this procedure but if you remain dissatisfied with the outcome you are entitled to refer the matter to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC), The Stamp Office, 10-14 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh EH1 3EG. SLCC is an independent body that handles complaints against solicitors in Scotland. Any such reference to the SLCC must be made within one year of the service ending or the event giving rise to the complaint occurring. This period has been extended to three years for services commencing after 1 April 2017.