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Planning & environment

We have significant expertise in planning and environmental matters and assist clients from the commencement of a project through to its completion.

We understand the continually changing and complex nature of planning and environmental legislation and provide proactive, straightforward advice to ensure clients receive the best outcome for their project.  Team members have experience of providing advice to and acting for planning authorities as well as developers.  In advising all our clients we are able to do so with a sound understanding of not just the relevant planning issues but the significance in a practical context.  Our advice is therefore always pragmatic and focussed.

We assist clients in the full range of planning and environmental matters including:

  • Advice in connection with Development Plans (including the preparation of representations). Scotland operates a “plan-led” system so the prospects of obtaining planning consent are enhanced if your proposal is supported in terms of the development plan. We can guide you how to engage with the plan making process.
  • Planning applications (including appeals). While hopefully planning permission is granted if an appeal is necessary the prospects for success will be enhanced if your appeal is clearly and logically structured. We can provide that input.
  • Development appraisal and investment advice.
  • Public inquiries and hearings - we realise that these processes can involve significant cost. By identifying the key issues we can help you deal with these in a cost effective manner.
  • Environmental appraisal and preparation of Environmental Statements. The increasing involvement of European law in relation to environmental and habitat issues requires care to ensure that any application made complies with all applicable regulations and guidance. Failure to do so may increase the risk of challenge.
  • Environmental issues including contamination questions.
  • Judicial reviews and statutory appeals. Having secured consent you would not wish to lose it as a result of a challenge at a later stage. Our input through the consenting process can minimise the prospects for such a challenge and if such a challenge is made by addressing the issues effectively we minimise the risk of any challenge being successful.
  • Planning objections.  Objections must relate to planning issues, or they will be ignored.  The line between planning and non-planning issues can be a fine one.  We can help to draft effective objections, and provide advice about remedies if your objection has not been taken into account.
  • Compulsory purchase procedures (including compensation).
  • Lands Tribunal Applications. To implement a planning consent other issues may need to be addressed, typically in relation to title issues. We can help you to address these.
  • Procedures and consents in terms of other statutory processes (e.g. Electricity Act 1989, Harbour Revision Orders). Many projects will involve consents or applications under other regimes. We are familiar with these and can help you to identify what is required and how to go about these.

We provide regular updates on developments within industry, new pieces of legislation and general interesting news pieces.  If you would like to recieve any of our updates please click here to sign up for updates.

We have produced a number of legal briefings that will be of interest to planning & environment.  Please take a look at our legal library for further information.