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Our top tips for moving house

Published: 28 October 2022
Time to read: 3 mins

For many, moving house can be a daunting prospect.   There is a lot to consider and figuring out what is most important to you can be difficult.  The best way to start is to make a list – one for your sale and another for your purchase.   This helps to work out what is essential for your move and what is on your wish list!

If you have a property to sell, it is important to get your property ready for marketing.   It is often said that a purchaser makes their mind up about a property within 11 seconds of their viewing so first impressions really count.  If you have outside space, try to make this neat and tidy – cut the grass, spruce up the garden and paint the front door.  Inside is just as important and you should consider decluttering and brightening up the space.   Whilst it may feel like a hassle to get the paint brush out, freshening up your property in neutral colours can really make the difference.   The intention is for prospective purchasers to be able to imagine living in the property therefore, making it bright, homely and welcoming can help your buyer mentally move in.   Finding the right agent is also key.   You have done the hard work getting your house ready and now it’s time to let our Estate Agency team get your property out there to the biggest pool of purchasers possible.   We will arrange the Home Report and prepare the marketing materials to show your property off to its best advantage.   Our dedicated Negotiators will get feedback from viewers and keep you up to date on the potential interest.

I often get asked if it is better to sell before buying.  Truthfully there is no right or wrong answer – it is about which really works best for you.   There is a trend in the market at the moment to make offers subject to sale of a current property.   Many feel more secure by pursuing a property this way as they are not selling without having already secured their next move.  However, it can be worthwhile to consider getting your property on to the market first.   Whilst you will know the Home Report value of your property, most properties are selling in excess of Home Report value.  The unexpected additional funds can perhaps allow you to make an offer on a property that you may have otherwise been unable to afford.   Furthermore, it puts you in a stronger position at a competitive closing date when you already have a prospective purchaser in the bag.

Whilst budget is an essential consideration, it is important to also think about the all-important wish list.   Have a think about what type of property you would like to live in, for example does your lifestyle suit city centre flat living or are you ready for more space with a garden further out of town.   Location is really important – do you want a neighbourhood feel or is a good school for your kids higher up the wish list?   We can help you to figure out what you can afford in the areas you are considering which always helps to make the way forward clearer.   Guidance on recent prices and market trends is our speciality which helps you to make informed choices.   Once you have secured your dream home, it is our job to guide you through the conveyancing process ensuring you are comfortable with the legal complexities to get those all-important keys to your new home!


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