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Tornagrain | New Town Development

Published: 16 May 2022
Time to read: 2 mins

Tornagrain Sept 2019

We act for Tornagrain Limited, part of the Moray Estates group, in connection with the development of the Tornagrain new town. This significant new town development is located between Inverness and Nairn, with outline planning permission for circa 5,000 residential and commercial units. As a new town, the development will also bring with it new infrastructure including new schools, nursery, parks, retail, social, sport and community facilities, and transport links.

The Tornagrain new town has been designed according to the principles of “new urbanism”; the design process has distilled the principles of traditional Scottish architectural and urban design and applied it to create a sense of place, identity, physical and social wellbeing which will allow the formation of a new and sustainable community. We have, and continue to, work closely with our clients to help deliver this design and bring the aspirations for the new town to fruition.

To assist our clients in realising their vision for the new town, we have listened carefully to their requirements throughout. We have sought the most effective, and where appropriate applied innovative or adapted, approaches to various matters, utilising multiple skills and resources within our firm. We have ensured that the correct team are delivering each aspect of the new town, whilst working together to ensure unified delivery of the project.

This has included:

  • Voluntary registration of large areas of estate land in preparation for commercial development;
  • Creation of appropriate corporate vehicles;
  • Planning Assistance;
  • Preparation of an overarching Deed of Conditions for the new town;
  • Preparation of Option Agreements between various landowners and interested parties for drawdown of land;
  • Application to the Scottish Ministers for designation of a new Conservation Body, resulting in the Scottish Ministers designating the Tornagrain Conservation Trust as a Conservation Body;
  • Preparation of Contracts for sale to house-builders incorporating Option Agreements, Dispositions, Licences, Standard Securities, Collateral Warranties and supplemental Deeds of Conditions, negotiating and completing sales and handling on-going drawdown of land and payments under the house-builder Contracts;
  • Liaising with funders and other third parties as appropriate;
  • Effecting transfers of common property to the Tornagrain Owners Association;
  • Putting in place land agreements for new utilities connections and drainage infrastructure; and
  • Preparation of commercial leases including a café, nursery and local grocery shop.

For additional information on the Tornagrain new town development please visit:

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