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‘Exceptional Release’ Housing Policy and the Demise of Scotland’s ‘Tilted Balance’

Sandy Telfer discusses the much anticipated court decision in ‘the Mossend appeal’ and what this means for the Scottish Housebuilding industry.

What changes after you say: “I do”?

The Wedding season is upon us once again with couples across Scotland ‘tying the knot’ but what legally changes when you say “I do”?

Immigration changes – The impact on rural businesses

Fraser Vandal discusses changes to the UK's work visa rules and how these changes will impact rural businesses.

Sharon Murray

Partner and Head of Family Law

Sharon has extensive experience of all aspects of family law having practiced exclusively in this area for over 30 years. Sharon is accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a Family Law Specialist and a Family Law Mediator. She is also a family Law Arbitrator.

Her experience covers:

• Divorce in the Sheriff Court and the Court of Session
• Child Law
• Pre and Post nuptial Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements
• Adoption/Permanence Orders
• Public Inquiries
• Mediation (Family Law)

Sharon has a particular interest in and experience of farming divorces and resolving separations that involve family businesses. She recognises that often the solution requires thoughtful future planning and collaboration with other specialist advisors to provide the best outcome for all involved.

She actively promotes Mediation as the most positive and proactive way for parties to resolve all family law disputes.



Sharon Murray

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Recent News & Insights by Sharon

30 January 2024 | Time to read: 3 mins

Five questions to consider when thinking about a divorce or separation

By Sharon Murray

If you are considering divorce or separation, at any time of the year, here are five fundamental questions you should ask yourself.

25 January 2024 | Time to read: 3 mins

Is court the only option for reaching a financial agreement in a divorce?

By Sharon Murray

Most people want to avoid the inevitable stress and expense of going to court to sort out the financial aspects of their separation, so what is the alternative?

15 November 2023 | Time to read: 4 mins

The Three Ages of Child Support

By Sharon Murray

Sharon Murray outlines the law around child support, setting out the three stages of a child’s life and what is required during each stage.

10 August 2023 | Time to read: 3 mins

What can I do if my child does not return home from holiday?

By Sharon Murray

Summer holidays can be an anxious time for separated parents. Sharon Murray provides guidance on if your child does not return from holiday as planned.

Lawyers in Edinburgh
Solicitors in Edinburgh
Family Solicitors/Lawyers in Edinburgh

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