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Debt recovery & insolvency

Creditors and debtors of all shapes and sizes look to us for advice during all stages of the corporate recovery curve.

Knowing exactly where your business is at any point within this curve is crucial and if you start to see the position deteriorate then it’s important to seek advice. The longer the delay, the greater the risks and there will be fewer options available to help improve the situation.

There are three stages on the Corporate Recovery Curve.

Dealing with cash flow and risk management

We can help you implement simple procedures to avoid issues that may crop up within your business. The two most common measures are agreeing and formalising robust terms of business at the outset of new client relationships, as well as ensuring you have robust credit control procedures in place. These measures will make it easier for you to recover the money owed to you in future.

Corporate Analysis

Reviewing the following will give you a better overall view of your business:

  • Refinancing
  • Investment procurement and implementation
  • Share issues
  • Merger options
  • Company Voluntary Arrangements

Although there may be the misconception that a company is in trouble just because it’s seen to be analysing these options, they’re useful tools which can protect against the third and final stage below.

Administration and liquidation

If the previous stages have been dealt with in time you shouldn’t reach the insolvency stage of the curve. However, we appreciate this can be an extremely stressful time and we can remove the complexities whilst working with you at every stage of the process. If you’re looking to recover debts from your customers we can also provide advice and support.

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