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Considerations around the Energy Performance Certificate and agricultural tenancies

The current Energy Performance Certificate (“EPC”) requirements are set out in regulations from 2008, and provide information on how energy efficient a building

Gillespie Macandrew supports Figures of Speech event as part of Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022

Leading Scottish law firm, Gillespie Macandrew announces its support for a literary event celebrating friendship as part of Scotland’s Year of Stories.

Charities: Top 5 tips for your articles

Our top 5 tips on what a charity should be considering for its articles.


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26 July 2021 | Time to read: 3 mins

How does the UK’s Inheritance Tax regime compare to foreign tax systems?

By Lindsay Bryce MacKay

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has published a report exploring ways in which taxes can be used...

31 March 2021 | Time to read: 4 mins

Handwritten Wills

By Lindsay Bryce MacKay

Tempting as it may be to try and save on time and expense by preparing a homemade Will, this can...

Tags: Wills

22 April 2020 | Time to read: 3 mins

The Sandwich Generation – Feeling the Squeeze?

By Lindsay Bryce MacKay

Life in the middle of the sandwich can be difficult, with carers finding they have little time to themselves.

26 November 2019 | Time to read: 2 mins

Safeguard your rural family business

By Lindsay Bryce MacKay

Many potential issues might be avoided if a Will is put in place.


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