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What changes after you say: “I do”?

The Wedding season is upon us once again with couples across Scotland ‘tying the knot’ but what legally changes when you say “I do”?

Immigration changes – The impact on rural businesses

Fraser Vandal discusses changes to the UK's work visa rules and how these changes will impact rural businesses.

Long awaited Housing Bill introduced to Scottish Parliament

The long- awaited Housing (Scotland) Bill was introduced to the Scottish Parliament on 26 March 2024.


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13 February 2024 | Time to read: 3 mins

Changes in law for Trusters to be aware of in 2024

By Stewart Dunbar

Trusts & Succession Act: what are the changes for Trusters to be aware of before they become law in 2024.

21 December 2023 | Time to read: 1 min

The Trusts & Succession (Scotland) Bill passed at Scottish Parliament

By David Mowlem

The Trusts & Succession (Scotland) Bill was passed at the Scottish Parliament on 20 December 2023, David Mowlem provides an update.

15 December 2023 | Time to read: 3 mins

The essence of family protection

By John Stirling

John Stirling discusses the essence of family protection and the importance of being aware of the differences between trusts, nuptials and cohab agreements.

08 December 2023 | Time to read: 4 mins

Trust law – What are the key differences north and south of the border?

By David Mowlem

Although there are many similarities in trust law, it is important to note the key differences between Scotland vs England & Wales.

27 November 2023 | Time to read: 4 mins

A changing legal landscape for Trusts

By Lindsay Bryce MacKay

An overhaul of Scotland’s trust law is long overdue, and the new Bill will go a long way to bring it up to date.

04 April 2023 | Time to read: 5 mins

What are the duties and responsibilities of Trustees?

By Lindsay Bryce MacKay

We explore the duties of Trustees and what advice Trustees should be taking in order to meet their obligations.

21 March 2023 | Time to read: 9 mins

What are the main features of the Trusts and Succession Bill?

By Stewart Dunbar

The Trusts and Succession (Scotland) Bill was introduced to the Scottish Parliament on 22 November 2022.

15 June 2022 | Time to read: 26 mins

Trust Law In Scotland – Where Are We Now?

By John McArthur

August 19th, 2021 marked the centenary of the Trust (Scotland) Act 1921, the last substantive act on trust law in Scotland.

26 May 2022 | Time to read: 6 mins

Trusts Caught by the Deemed Domicile Net

By David Mowlem

Following the Finance Act in 2017, a new category of “deemed domicile” was introduced into the UK’s Inheritance Tax regime.

17 February 2022 | Time to read: 6 mins

Legal Rights: The Scottish problem and interaction with Trusts

By Agnes Mallon

With domicile being incredibly fluid in this modern world, cross-border estates are becoming commonplace.

01 December 2021 | Time to read: 3 mins

Trust Registration Update

By Lindsay Bryce MacKay

The Trust Registration Service (“TRS”) was created by HM Revenue Customs in 2017 to create a register of trusts in the UK.


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